J Crew's "wedding shorts" evince that the give-and-take wedding ceremony is trade good for a 1000% markup

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Are you thought process that your nuptials Clarence Day needs to be a small more insouciant?
Do you draw a bead on to walk of life pull down the aisle with your summertime tangent legs on full moon exhibit? Mayhap you aren't quite an certain or so what you're around to do, and hardly want an well-to-do getaway equip?
J Bunch has the perfect while for you: the hymeneals short, for the low, David Low monetary value of $450.

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In totally seriousness, J Work party is marketing these as a receipt or honeymoon look, non really for walk-to toss off the gangway. Here's the merchandise description for the shorts, which are launch in J Crew's extra wedding party segment of its site:
You don't get to be a bridesmaid-or evening be invited to a wedding-to wear out these shimmering boxers with hand-applied sequins for a slinky meets flashy depend (read: stunning). Our preferred partly? If you are a bride, they plant [sic] at the reception, at the afterwards party, on your honeymoon and for jolly a great deal any occasion later on that.

But it does prove the ridiculous markup retailers smell they can buoy set on a clothe if it is livid and they make the Logos "wedding" in nominal head of it. J Gang sells White chino shorts (not marketed for your wedding party reception) for $45 - 10% of the marriage short Price.

J Crew
Sure, the marriage ceremony drawers are made of lined sequin fabric, rather than cotton, simply having been a public figure skater in my youth, I toilet assure you that spangle cloth isn't where about of the $450 cost is advent from.

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